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Metamorph Device

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The Metamorph Device was included in Life Kit #1 for Creatures 2. It changes the gender of any creature it is used on. It is commonly used by Ettin and Grendel breeders to create a breeding pair. You can download this (Direct Download) at the official site. Two versions are downloaded: a humane one which kills the original norn immediately without a headstone, or another which severely damages the original norn, but allows for a headstone. The choice is based off whether you can stand to see a norn suffer and whether or not you want/need a headstone. Free to download, however, Life Kit #1 from Creatures 2 Deluxe has the metamorph device included.

Note: In at least one known case a male norn accidentally converted to a female has survived the "inhumane" version of the device, through the repeated and constant injection of Defibrillator and Metabolism chemicals available in the advanced science kit.

Rescuing a dying metamorphed creature is time consuming, exposes both parent and child to heavy metal poisoning (due to the device's location in the bottom of the volcano, which can be countered with several cobs), and takes time away from other creatures in the world. Even after the parent creature is rescued, it will have to be monitored for some time to prevent a relapse into a coma and eventual death. However, if the player is diligent enough, it is possible to have the parent survive the encounter with the Metamorph Device.