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Creatures 2 COB


Creator Ira
Download link Iggdrasil (original)
Download mirror Creatures Caves (fixed)

Merlin is a Creatures 2 toy COB that was created by Ira and was previously hosted on Iggdrasil, and features sprites taken from the Microsoft Agent character of the same name. It appears as a wizard hat floating above the ground until it is pushed. Merlin is designed to reward creatures for playing with toys; it also reduces Loneliness and gives a small amount of Energy.

The original version of this COB had some problems: the sound file, imrl.wav, was errored and unplayable, the object lacked a drop script, and its animation did not reset properly, causing various issues. An updated version, uploaded to Creatures Caves by Jabber, replaces the sound with a new one from the Free Sounds Collection and fixes said scripting issues.

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