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Medicine maker

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Medicine maker, with cough syrup vended

The Medicine Maker is a "dispenser" agent included in Creatures 3, located in the bridge area near the Medical Bay and the umbilical if DS is connected. It requires bioenergy to function and vends several different potions. JayD has released a modified version of this agent, as has Vampess.


  • Cough Syrup (Red)
1 mole of antihistamine
  • Vitamin Potion (Orange)
0.05 moles of glucose, 0.15 moles of prostaglandin, 0.35 moles each of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  • Heavy Metal Cure
1 mole of EDTA
  • ATP Decoupler Cure (Yellow)
1 mole of Medicine One
  • Antioxidant Syrup (Blue)
1 mole of Antioxidant
  • Cyanide Cure (Warm Purple)
1 mole of Sodium Thiosulphate
  • Elixir of Arnica
1 mole of arnica
  • Sleepy Syrup
1 mole of Sleepiness, 0.5 moles of Tiredness, 1 mole of Sleepase
  • Potion of Fertility
0.4 moles each of Arousal Potential and Opposite Sex Pheromone
  • General Cure (Cool Purple)
0.15 moles of Antihistamine, Medicine One, Antioxidant, Prostaglandin, EDTA, Sodium Thiosulphate and Arnica. 0.45 moles of Adrenalin.
  • Shee Wine
0.15 moles of Alcohol
  • Albian Ale (Green)
0.45 moles of Alcohol

CAOS codes[edit]

Sometimes, when you don't have time to encourage a creature to eat potion, a CAOS code may be used instead with the CAOS command line. All commands below apply to the currently selected creature: for other variations, please see the codes which affect creatures on the C3/DS CAOS Codes page. Please note that other medicinal chemicals from the C3 Chemical List (either added or subtracted) may be more beneficial than injecting these codes.

Potion name CAOS code
Cough Syrup targ norn chem 100 1
Vitamin Potion targ norn chem 3 .05 chem 94 .15 chem 99 .35 chem 98 .35
Heavy Metal Cure targ norn chem 95 1
ATP Decoupler Cure targ norn chem 92 1
Antioxidant Syrup targ norn chem 93 1
Cyanide Cure targ norn chem 96 1
Elixir of Arnica targ norn chem 97 1
Sleepy Syrup targ norn chem 155 1 chem 154 .5 chem 129 1
Potion of Fertility targ norn chem 39 .4 chem 41 .4
General Cure targ norn chem 100 .15 chem 92 .15 chem 93 .15 chem 94 .15 chem 95 .15 chem 96 .15 chem 97 .15 chem 117 .45
Shee Wine targ norn chem 75 .15
Albian Ale targ norn chem 75 .45

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