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Markham's Norn Land

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Markham's Norn Land was previously known as Creatures etc.

Summary Of Content[edit]

Some original COBs and agents:

Interesting Facts[edit]

  • All of these COBS are safe for Norns, and they belong to ME! If you post them on your page without asking and/or without giving me credit, may Grendles grow from your nose. -- from the first version of Markham's Norn Land


The website was launched on 2 May 1998 and became well known as the "Home of the Dwarf Norns"

The second incarnation of the site - Creatures etc. - was created on 5 December 2000 and featured a new green-and-yellow theme.

Version 2.0 of Markham's Norn Land was launched 23 June 2003 on Chani3.com. It added material for Creatures 3. A static copy of this version is now hosted on the CCDN.