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The map is the world space of a Creatures game. In Creatures 1 and 2, the map is presented as one contiguous space, allowing the player to scroll through the entire world. In C3/DS, the map is divided into metarooms that are explored individually, but each metaroom still has defined coordinates on the overall world map's plane, like rectangles on a giant square.

The map of Creatures 1 is 8352 x 1200 pixels, the map of Creatures 2 is 8352 x 2400 pixels, and the map of C3/DS is originally set to a maximum of 10,000 x 10,000 pixels, but can be adjusted with MAPD. It is typically expanded to 100,000 by 100,000 pixels to allow for the placement of more metarooms.

In all three games, the map is overlaid with rooms to define the area that creatures and most objects exist in. The CAOS command POSX and POSY will return an object's coordinates with reference to the map.

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