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C3man-o-war ingame.png

Man-o-War (Medusa chappie ferociousia)[edit]


The insidious Man-o-War is the sole species of siphonophora, related to jellyfish, in Creatures 3. Being the highest member of the Marine Terrarium food chain, they will trap nearly anything that comes along. However, if taken out of the water, they will simply shrivel up and die. They may also occasionally get stuck in their 'egg' stage. Zareb has created a C3 Man-O-War Patch to allow the man-o-war to breed. Grendel Man included a Man-o-War patch in his Aquatic.Cos Files pack. Vampess included a Man-o-War egg patch in her Minor Fixes pack.

At the beginning of the game, two man-o-war are present in the right side of the Marine Terrarium along with their eggs.

Did you know? If the catalogue file for Dragonflies is removed, the Man-o-War will begin to multiply very quickly.

Food web[edit]

Predators: Prey:
  • None Known