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Emerald Norn

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Emerald Norn
Female and male Emerald Norns
Other names Malay Norn, Green Norn, Gem Norn
Home Area Albia
Game Creatures 2
Slot Norn Slot I

The Emerald Norns are one of three norn breeds included with Creatures 2. In the hatchery, their eggs are orange and yellow (male) and earth-patterned (female), though eggs laid in the wild can be any colour.

Emerald Norns resemble the Hebe Norns in their general face and ear shape. However, Emerald Norns are very distinctive due to their dark mottled green pigmentation and tufted tails. A miniature version, the Emerald Norns from Hell are also available. See also Emerald Norn (C3/DS).

Not to be confused with the Malay Norns for Creatures Village.