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Magic profiler

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The magic profiler countdown.

The magic profiler can be activated by pushing CTRL + SHIFT + M when running C3 or Docking Station. A small screen will pop up, with a countdown from 1200 ticks by default, and at the end of the time, the screen will vanish. The magic profiler will save a CSV file in your My Worlds > WorldName > Journals folder, which you can open and read with Excel or similar. It gives detailed information about which agents are running slowly.

It gives an average PACE for the world over the time it measured.

The number of ticks in the countdown period can be configured with the GAME variable "c3_magic_delay" which is set to 1200 by default.

In the CSV output, the first field is the classifier and agent name (if it's an official agent).

The second field is the number of ticks performed for all agents of that classifier. (This can be divided by the number of agents to get number of updates, for example, timer scripts, for that agent.)

The third field is the number of agents. This is not an integer - possibly due to agents being created and destroyed over the 1200 tick measuring period.

The fourth field is time per agent.

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