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Magic Words

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Magic Words is an agent for Docking Station by Amaikokonut, which lets the player use speech bubble commands to do things in their worlds.

The core is needed for any modules to work. Typing the word "help" (without quotation marks) into your speech bubble brings up a list of all the commands available to you.

There are SERU modules, a template module for you to make your own magic words modules, the love and war module, which mind-controls your creatures to kisspop or hit each other, a hand-teaching module, which allows you to teach action words to your norns (updated version with "teach random" function), a cloning module, which allows you to clone objects, a random contact module which adds a random person online to your friends list, and a Marks, Auras and Air Bubbles script which lets you add marks above the heads of your creatures, including an air bubbles marking which fills your creatures' lungs with air. The Magic Words Room Edits module allows you to see room boundaries with DMAP, find the room type, and find, make and break Cellular Automata links. The magic words hand-naming module allows the hand to name the currently selected creature.

Malkin also created an Eat Me module which replicates Ctrl+Shift+E functionality for Mac users.

Version 1.2 of the core was released for the CCSF 2021. Magic Words Inject was released for the CCSF 2021.