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Zahra Layla Maymunah Albagal

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Madame Zahra Layla Maymunah Albagal (usually Sara Albagal) is official assistant to Professor Amadeus Bibbledore at ZauberAlbia's Cyber-Station adoption center, although unofficially she does a great deal more to keep the center running. Although childless (and assumably unmarried), she acts as foster-mother to a host of norn-children waiting for adoption. She is a trained educator, running classes for the older norns in her care.

Albagal has a murky and romantic past - rumours abound of her:

  • giving up a life of luxury in an Egyptian Sheik's palace in favour of the poor norn who she loved
  • turning down an offer to become a temple dancer in Norindien
  • causing a young actor to commit suicide in an Albian waterfall after she broke his heart