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Machine.cfg is a .cfg file, present in later versions of the Creatures Evolution Engine, that you can edit to change certain parts of your game.

For instance, if you change the part that reads "Game Name" "Docking Station" to "Game Name" "Bob the Builder", the title of the game window will change to "Bob the Builder". Also, changing this will create a new set of registry entries for the game under the title of "Bob the Builder". This can be used to effectively Duplicate Docking Station. This has been reported to cause problems with addons that rely on GNAM to find out what game they're being injected into.

Machine.cfg also has the directories' locations. You can change these to what you want. You can also add additional directories. For instance, if you were making an agent and wanted to have another image directory for testing you can simply add this line.

"Auxiliary 1 Images Directory" "C:\\Agent Testing\\Images\\"

The engine will use look for images in that directory after looking for images in the regular directory. If you have Docking Station and Creatures 3 or want to add two auxilliary directories use this instead

"Auxiliary 2 Images Directory" "C:\\Agent Testing\\Images\\"

Note that the DS machine.cfg file is different to the C3 machine.cfg file.

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