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MODV is a CAOS command for arithmetic.


Syntax: MODV var (int variable) x (int)

Sets var to the remainder of var when divided by x, otherwise known as var mod x. Equivalent to var = var % x.

Both arguments must be integers. If x is not, it will be cast. If var is not, the command will fail.


Add the 24-hour format times va00 and va01, storing the result in va00. For instance, 0520 + 1240 = 1800, and 0940 + 1624 = 0204

* first separate the minutes:
SETV va02 va00
MODV va02 100
SETV va03 va01
MODV va03 100
* add minutes:
ADDV va02 va03
* store the carry:
SETV va04 va02
DIVV va04 60
* clock the minutes:
MODV va02 60

* separate the hours (int division):
DIVV va00 100
DIVV va01 100
* add them:
ADDV va00 va01
ADDV va00 va04
*clock them:
MODV va00 24

* recombine into 24-hour time:
MULV va00 100
ADDV va00 va02

An implementation of MODV va00 va01 using a loop.

DOIF va00 ge va01
    SUBV va00 va01
  UNTL va00 lt va01

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