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MKid112 (also MK112) is a Community oldbie. He is a prominent spriter and able coder. Among his projects have been the graphics for the Kyutai Whales and many other agents in Aquatilis Caverna as a member of the now-defunct Metacore. Other agents coded and sprited by MKid include the Astro Pears, the Toxic Agent Pack, components of Norngarden Xmas, and much else besides.

MKid112 used to have a website called The Albivion, and later Grendel Perspective; although both sites are now closed, some archives remain. (Geocities.ws)

List of known agents:

Toys - Grendel Lightbox, Symphonyphone;

Tools - Grendel Scarer, Grendel GUI;

Plants - Tropical Plants, Kish Tendril, Flyss Flower, Cabern Trees;

Animals - Carravage; Aroo;

Vendors - Hot Cocoa, Ice cream sandwich, Random Potions, Astro Pears, Puddin Pie;

Special - Toxic agents pack 1.0, Halloween Pack, Candy Cane

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