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MDude started playing Creatures in the mid 90's and some time after joined the Creatures Community. The prompting of the Creatures 3 manual to visit their website was, in fact, MDude's introduction to the internet in general. In the forums, MDude has participated RP's and given his opinion on Creatures as well as gaming and artificial life in general, although he tends to come and leave without notice. He was making a Freewebs Page, in order to have a place to put the things he creates while being distracted from one thing to the next, although he is likely to be frequently distracted from this as well. So far, he has not made any breeds or agents, although he does have a concept for an alternate version of the bramboo found in Docking Station. He is also a member of The Evil Council, and has a roleplaying character who is a member of the group's fictional counterpart.