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Lummox JR

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Lummox JR (aka Lee Gaiteri, LummoxJR) invented the Nova Subterra genome for Creatures 2, one of the attempts to combat OHSS (others include the Canny Norns and the Washu Norns). He created and maintains JRChat, and has developed various useful tools and resources for Creatures and Creatures 2, including:

Lummox JR's website was the The Norn Underground - although as of February 2005 it is down, archived copies remain available.

Community Involvement[edit]

Lummox JR was a highly visible member of the community and was not hesitant in expressing a difference of opinion with others, often on alt.games.creatures (where he was a regular poster). Unfortunately (as has often occurred in the CC) this difference of opinions turned into personal conflict, and as there were many people involved in the community at the time this turned into a group conflict. As everyone knows, involving other people just makes things that many times worse. Flames flew across modem cables and through routers with great frequency. Indeed, one member of the community even went so far as to get Lummox JR's picture put on the infamous SomethingAwful.com.

GreenReaper: I'm all jealous now. If people want to post me to somethingawful.com, this pic should do nicely! (picture no longer available, formerly at www.zen9361.zen.co.uk/keep/creatureswiki/biccies.jpg)

Eventually this conflict subsided, along with others, as those involved mostly withdrew from the community.

About the JR[edit]

The JR does not stand for Junior. Its true meaning is known only to Lummox JR. He asserts that it has a meaning, that it does not mean Junior, and that an ex-girlfriend bestowed the title upon him.

It was widely rumored to stand for Jelly Roll. It was probably A-Norn that started this, as a joke.

Lummox JR: No, Dylan. JR does not stand for Janet Reno.

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