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Longhorn Grazer

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Longhorn Grazers are a critter that were made by Ghosthande for the CCSF 2010. They closely resemble regular Grazers, but are larger, have longer horns, and come in three different patterns: tan and black, white with black splodges and beige.

Longhorn Grazers make an ideal food source for predatory creatures such as Sabertooth Norns and Yautja Norns; when killed, they produce four pieces of meat and a skull. It takes six slaps by the hand or a creature to kill a Longhorn Grazer.

When injected, the player can choose where they want their Longhorn Grazers to live: The Desert Terrarium or the lower level of the Norn Meso. After they have chosen, four Longhorn Grazers will be injected. Additional Grazers may be added at any time.

The three different Longhorn Grazer patterns

Due to their large size, Longhorn Grazers cannot be picked up by the hand. This presents a problem as a bug that can occur in the Desert Terrarium can result in the Longhorn Grazers becoming stuck in the shallow pool to the far right hand side. This can be fixed by removing and then reinjecting them into the world.

Download the Longhorn Grazers from the CCSF 2010 Website here.

Read about the Origin of the Longhorn Grazers here.

Did you know? The Longhorn Grazers are based off the Texas Longhorn, a breed of cattle renowned for its elongated horns.

Editnorn.png Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Origin of the Longhorn Grazers (Written by Ghosthande) states that the Lone Shee needed a source of food for his predatory Sabertooth Norns, so he decided to take a few samples of Grazer DNA and fill in a few empty gaps with Handle Fish DNA. After the calves were born, the Lone Shee left for a while, only to return to see the Grazers had grown enormous. This didn't put off the Sabertooth Norns, however, who hunted one down with ease and quickly devoured the carcass.