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Live Nornish Action

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Live Nornish Action (often shortened to LNA) was a live video stream of Docking Station (and occasionally other Creatures games) hosted on (Twitch.TV). It was run and maintained by Amaikokonut.


Live Nornish Action was generally unmonitored and attempted to run 24/7; of course, this was hampered as DS is prone to crashing from time to time.

When both the LNA world and the DS Server were up and running, online DS players could send their own norns via the Warp to the DS name LNA (ID 22540+50) to watch them interact with other norns in the world. There was a limit of four creatures per breeder; excess creatures would automatically rebound.

More information can be found on the (LNA Website).


LNA first launched on May 27, 2009. It was hosted on Ustream for a while, then later moved to Justin.TV, which eventually moved all game-related streams to Twitch.TV.

In the beginning, LNA was run on a fairly terrible computer and crashed frequently. When the computer finally gave out a few months later, the stream was taken down indefinitely.

On March 7, 2011, LNA was quietly relaunched without announcement. The stream carried on with very little interruption for over two solid months. During this time, Amaikokonut developed and tested several modifications to the game to make it more viewer-friendly, including a status window and nametags for the creatures.

On May 26, 2011, the stream was re-announced to the public with an accompanying website. It continued to run with only occasional downtime through August, with some major downtime periods throughout September, October, and November, mostly due to the warp server being down and Amai's lack of motivation to keep it running. Midway through November, the stream quietly shut down for another extended break.

As of November 10, 2013, the stream is currently offline due to the warp server being down. From 2014, the Live Nornish Action website is unavailable, with only a message saying "Well, let's be honest, since I'm poor and can't afford an internet connection capable of streaming, there's really no point to this page, is there?". It is unknown when, or if, it will return. A spiritual successor, The Norn Swarm, launched in 2023.