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Little Helper Norn

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The Little Helper norns are a genetic breed by Marcus K. They bring food and toys to other norns, are always cheerful, have a very good immune system, and from youth onwards are resistant to Grendels. They are also very colorful. Unlike a normal breed, they cannot be created from an egg layer, but must be injected like an agent.

They are meant to be used with the following sprites: Bruin Norn, Bengal Norn, Civet Norn, Chichi Norn, Aqua Norn, Dream Norn, Estrella Norn, Gargoyle Norn, Magma Norn, Plant Norn, Primavera Norn, Toxic Norn, Yellowstone Norn, and Banshee Grendel.

They are available at Mummy's Creatures.