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Lisa de Araujo

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Lisa (lower right), Nathan, Sarah and Darren

Lisa de Araujo joined Cyberlife in May 1998 as Internet Marketing Manager for Creatures 2, working under Anil Malhotra. She continued to work for Creature Labs on Creatures 3, Docking Station, and some unfinished endeavours including Yeren, Project Loci and Hilarity High. If you saw a website design on an official Creatures site since mid-1998, chances are she was involved in it - she was promoted to Webmaster in late 1998 and became Marketing Manager and Head of Support about halfway through 1999, ending up as a Producer before Creatures Labs closed.

When Gameware Europe bought up the assets of Creatures Labs, Lisa returned as a contract graphic designer to work on the Gameware website as well as producing packaging designs for Creatures: The Albian Years, Creatures Village and Creatures Exodus. She's now working as a producer on a unknown project.

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