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Lis Morris

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Lis Morris is a member of the Creatures Community. She co-developed a Creatures world by the name of Terra Nornia with Sandra Linkletter, and worked with Chris Double on the Canny Norn genome for Creatures 2, which fixed the common OHSS bug. She was also one of the founders of Albiaville and the recreator of Tiburon on Active Worlds as well as producing many agents.

Lis created the genome for many of Wafuru's breeds. She was affiliated with Creature Labs, and authored a genetics editing article series for use with their Genetics Kit as well as the Boney Grendel genome. Lis was the editor of the Creature Labs newsletter Much Ado About Norns and wrote the manuals for Creatures Playground and Docking Station, as well as writing some stories of her own - probably her best-known work being the Chronology Series.

Lis was the first to use a breed slot in Creatures with her Grorns (norn breed slot 9). She recieved much flack from people on alt.games.creatures about this until Cyberlife declared their policy to be "you can do it, but don't complain if one of ours overwrites yours!". She went on to create the Hippy Norns, a genetic breed designed to turn glucose into happiness and vice versa. She also made the C1 Shee, a lone male Shee in Albia. Later she made the first metaroom for Creatures 3, the Infirmary, along with her ship-maintaining agent, Gaia.

Lis was a regular poster to a.g.c for many years, both before and after she started working for Creature Labs in the Spring of 2000. However, her posts tailed off noticeably after Summer 2001, and she posted in only two threads in 2002. On 19 April 2003 (after Creature Labs was liquidated), Lis explained her withdrawal from the newsgroup:

So, why did I disappear? Well, just over a year ago, CL made me redundant. I was very upset at the time, since I loved working for them and they were a great bunch of people, so I found coming to the ng too painful. I also felt it'd be utterly unprofessional to let people know that CL was having difficulties at the time. Well, I guess you all know now, anyway.

Lis' website - The Palace of the Evil Shee - is unfortunately no longer in existence, but many of her creations are still available elsewhere, such as at AmberCreatures.