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Lil' Norn Town

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  • Address: www.freewebs.com/norn_town/
  • Webmaster: Crystalnorn
  • Ran from/to : August 2005 - November 27, 2005

Summary of Content[edit]

History of Website[edit]

Lil' Norn Town began around August 2005, and was first advertised on the Gameware Forums. The site first started, and still is, with very few links. The navigation was complete but had many 'missing page' links. The website stopped being updated when Crystalnorn became absent from the Creatures Community for about two years. In September 2007, Crystalnorn returned and worked on a refinement of Lil' Norn Town. The refinement became a new site called The Creature Court which was opened in October 9th, 2007.

Interesting Facts[edit]

  • Lil' Norn Town is based on a world Critter_girl made with the World Switcher. However, she gave up on "making it the town it was supposed to be", ever since Frog Norns took it over.
  • Jackie the killer Ettin was based on a real Ettin that Critter_girl once owned, named Jackie as well. The real Jackie was bred with a Scorpio Norn, making him mad all the time. Jackie was also trained to kill Grendels. He had sadly drowned once.
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