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Lightning Bug

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Lightning Bug COB

The Lightning Bug COB was created by Steve Dismukes of Fig's Tree.

This COB injects a single Lightning Bug into Albia. Lightning Bugs will run around eating the bouncing carrot variations (available with Life Kit #1 or Object Pack#1), so in combination with Albian Carrot Beetles they are quite capable of clearing out the vegetable patch, leaving your Norns with nothing to eat!

Lightning Bugs have an unusual defensive mechanism: they can deliver a nasty electric shock to inquisitive creatures who get too close.

Creatures that get zapped by this electric shock will suffer:

On the plus side, Lightning Bugs are quite nutritious (if a Norn can hold onto one long enough to eat it!).

Norns munching on Lightning Bugs will receive:

This COB uses C1 class numbers:

  • 2 10 162