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The Lighthouse as seen in C12DS

The Lighthouse is an area in Albia that is featured in Creatures 1. One of the defining areas of the game's world, it is located to the far east of the Western Ocean. Norns can access it by either riding the wooden cart through the underwater tunnel, or by descending into the slide projector room and travelling across the pool on the raft. The lighthouse itself has three levels which can be reached via a lift located in the centre.

Besides the cannon and fishbowl, the lighthouse is practically deserted. There are no food or toys either, (apart from the highly dangerous laburnum) so it isn't an ideal place for norns to live. The Banana Tree, Freya's Carrot Patch and Wishing Well COBs can make this area more conducive to life, as can the Updated Bridge.

In C12DS, if you can get a norn to activate the lighthouse telescope, it will reveal an Easter Egg.

Fun fact: Located to the East of the Lighthouse is Lovers Leap". Lover's Leap is a real-life term given to isolated areas where there is a risk of a fall or deliberate jump. However, it is purely aesthetic, so your norns are quite safe!