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Light-Blue Tomato

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A light-blue tomato plant

Light-Blue Tomato is a fruit COB for Creatures 2 that was created by Nina and previously hosted on Iggdrasil. It is injected as a single piece of fruit in the Incubator area, which will eventually grow into a plant. When consumed, Light-Blue Tomatoes provide:

  • Amino acid 170
  • Sodium thiosulphite 75
  • Starch 70
  • Hunger Decrease 20

Version 1.0 of the Light-Blue Tomato uses the following class numbers:

  • 2 4 70011
  • 2 25 70011

This assigned species number is above the 65535 limit, meaning their actual species number wraps around to 4476, within the 1-10000 range reserved by Creatures Labs. Although the COB is not known to have any clashes, version 1.1 on Creatures Caves changes the species number to 13903, and also updates the COB to use the Modified Tomatoes & Nuts scripts.

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