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Editnorn.png This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.
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Lifandi (Icelandic for "alive") was a community project to build a completely new game along the lines of Creatures, consisting of only Free content.

It was planned to use and showcase openc2e as the underlying engine. It was intended to be primarily built around a main world, similar to Creatures 2's Albia, rather than a Creatures 3-style collection of smaller metarooms.

The project produced several design documents, drawings, and a technical demo. It stopped receiving contributions around 2008.

Some elements planned to be part of Lifandi included:

  • Three or more new "primary" breeds, the Kirin, Tzarlith, and Fents
  • A large wraparound world with multiple underground levels.
  • A pervasive, robust and flexible world ecology, including seasons, day/night cycles and weather.
  • Two distinct modes of play:
    • Play Mode - offering specific challenges with set goals and obstacles.
    • Sandbox Mode - an open free play setting without any rules.
  • Realistic creatures, in both behavior and biochemistry.
  • Expandable - prebuilt extension areas in game for 3rd-party rooms and add ons.

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