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Liam's Current Avatar

Liam was a developer for the Creatures series, and has worked on numerous metarooms. He was a member of the now defunct development group, Metacore, and is a wiki user.

Liam has retired from the CC, but still visits occasionally to say "Hi!" and check up on how things are going.

He came back for the CCSF 2006, with a finished Terra Pluvialis, Aquatilis Caverna V2, the Aquatilis Pod and the Grendel Hideout, among other things. He still checks the forums somewhat regularly to check up on any news, but is most easily contactable via email.

He is currently the administrator of Spellhold Studios, a community centred around Infinity Engine, TES IV: Oblivion and Aurora Engine modding. He has assisted Moe with C2toDS.

He can be easily contacted by E-mail.


  • Gender: Male
  • Interests: Art, writing, dance, music & composition
  • Games: Roleplaying Games
  • Main Platforms: Windows XP Pro/Windows XP Home
  • Location: Australia
  • Docking Station ID: Liamlala
  • email: liam.esler(at)gmail.com

Previous Affiliations[edit]


Liam has worked on numerous projects in the past, though he is currently not making further creations for the Creatures series.


Articles and Stories[edit]

Liam has written several articles and stories centering around the Creatures series, although not all are listed here or released.



  • The Last Moment - archive (old link: www.edash.net/members/stories.php?action=view&ID=7)
  • The Chronicles of Teresumaren (includes: The Aquatilis Caverna, Aquatilis Pod, and Terra Pluvialis stories) Offline & unfinished