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Leopard Gecko Ettins

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The Leopard Gecko Ettins are a breed of Ettin (who would have guessed?) that have been canceled. The genome was being developed by Geohevy and the sprites created by Silvak.


  • They are also very hardy, being able to hold their breath longer than normal, sustaining less damage from falls and walls, and, using their efficient digestive system, live on very little food. They naturally emit more antibodies and antihistamines than normal Ettins, and their organs regenerate at a very advanced rate.
  • These Etttins are easily frightened, but if confronted by a Grendel will stand and fight. They receive little damage from slaps, and being slapped makes them angrier. Despite this, they are typically docile.
  • These Ettins are easily crowded, and therefore enjoy roaming the world. Toys, plants, and critters usually do not keep these Ettins satisfied for long. Leopard Gecko Ettins also enjoy the heat.

Production Status[edit]

  • Geohevy has almost completed the genome, with only the emitters and receptors remaining to be modified, and the heat-loving genes have not yet been completed.
  • Details on the sprites are currently under discussion but will probably be somewhat like the Ettin breed Bug kept thinking of making.


Due to the disappearance of Geohevy, nor am I able to contact him, I could not even really start this project. I am officially considering this breed cancelled until he resurfaces. Silvak 20:18, February 4, 2011 (UTC)

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