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Lemon Norn

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Editnorn.png This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.

Lemon Norns were a Norn breed planned by C-Rex for C3/DS.

One of the planned head sprites for a Baby Lemon Norn

C-Rex Says: "Lemon Norns are just like their name implies, sour as a Lemon. They don't get along with other creatures and are often bad-tempered.

C-Rex started work on the Lemon Norn sprites, but lost interest in the project and no longer plans to finish the breed. If released, they would have been his first breed to use a CFE genome.


Before they were cancelled, C-Rex constructed the Lemon Norns' genome file, of which a preview can be obtained here. To test the genome out, you will need the Genetics Kit (Also keep in mind that this is a beta Version, and there may be bugs).

The following are a few features of the Lemon Norn genome:

  • Will take out their anger on Ettins and Grendels, and are a rather aggressive breed.
  • When they have reached the youth stage, female Lemon Norns will become very friendly, and will have a very high sex drive.
  • Are immune to many toxins.
  • They use a CFE genome.