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Kyutai Whale

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A pair of Kyutai Whales, a juvenile and a male adult.
The Kyutai Whales are one of the most complex critters I've encountered here. These clever critters love playing, and they seem very family oriented. It's a Matriarchal system, and the males and children seem to follow the female. -From the diaries of Terasumaren.

The Kyutai Whales are a species of sea-dwelling mammals found in the Aquatilis Caverna metaroom. These whales live together in family groups which often include three or more youngsters. On first sight norns love to follow these poor creatures around and sometimes try to take a bite out of them!

When the Kyutai Whales die, they float slowly down to the cave floor directly beneath them, leaving their group behind. Strangely, they do not die when bitten (partially eaten) by a Norn on land, but instead, always twitch and moan while beached. These creatures are more often found in the bottom right-hand corner of the metaroom but sightings have been reported all over. They move by propelling themselves with their tail.

Kyutai Whales enjoy playing with toys.