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Editnorn.png This article is about a future or planned project.
Information may change significantly as the project progresses.

Project Information[edit]

The Kraken are an idea of a geat breed by Grendel Man. They are supposed to be an aquatic species, with some features based on the Kraken from Norse folklore. They will look very much like their namesakes, with a beak surrounded by four tentacles on the rather dragon-shaped head. The front arms will have claws like a crab. The body will resemble a grendel's, but the males will have shark fins on their back, while the females will have a riplling fin, and neither sex has scales. The tail will also be shaped like a grendel's, but that is where the remaining four tentacles are, and again there are no scales. The hind limbs are again like grendel, but much more muscular and massive, and kraken walk on their webbed toes. With the help of an agent that is installed with the kraken upgrade (see below), they will swim. And as for the temperament, they will be very agressive, to the point where adults prey upon (and actually eat) unfortunate norns, grendels, and ettins!

As of 2012, the concept of the Kraken has been altered to make it a grendel breed, not a geat breed, and they will no longer eat other creatures. The tails will look like lots of tentacles.

Planned Agents[edit]

  • Kraken Upgrade-Installs kraken voices (the voices will sound like that of a grendel, but in a lighter hissing noise), and fixes several bugs surrounding geats (fixing errors such as water drying up when geats enter it, and allowing more than one geat at a time to be in the world in C3).
  • Kraken Eatery-Allows the Kraken to eat their preferred prey: other creatures.
  • A metaroom (still being debated).
  • Several fish species for the kraken to eat (adding a little variation to the kraken diet).
  • A toy ship (push will make it go left, pull will make it go right, hit will sink it, and it will not be able to be picked up except by the hand. Eating it will reduce hunger for protein and give protein. The first 2 actions will carry small creatures to and fro).

Project Status[edit]

Their genome is done (Although it is only V1.0), and is available at Grendel Man's section in the Norn Adoption Center.