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Kimahri Norn

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Creatures 2 Breed
Kimahri Norn

Kimahri Norn

Breed Slot Ettin Slot H
Species Norn
Creators Kari (sprites)
Amanora (sprites)
Kathira (genome)

The Kimahri Norns are a Norn breed for Creatures 2 with some catlike traits. The breed was originally planned by Kari but she decided to cancel the project after changing the concept a few times. A few months later, Nimue and Amanora asked her for permission to finish the breed for her and Kari agreed. Amanora finished the sprites and a modified Canny Norn genome was created by Kathira.


The Kimahri Norns use a modified version of Lis Morris's Canny Norn genome. These modifications include:

  • They are supposed to be amphibious, but the gene does not work as intended.
  • Their fur protects them from the cold, so they don't freeze so easily.
  • Baby and child stage are shortened and they stay adults longer as normal norns.
  • They are more resistant against most toxins, and will nibble on toxic plants from time to time.
  • Kimahris are hoggish, they can eat a lot before they had enough.
  • They are bored very quickly, so they need a diversified environment. They like little critters a lot.
  • Tickling them makes them feel comfortable but does not provide a direct reward.
  • They are not very focused on the hand, and don't complain about everything.

Did you know? The average Kimahri Norn has 1316 neurons in its brain (most other breeds have about 1000).