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Kimahri Norn

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  • Kimahri Norns
    Name: Kimahri Norn
  • Home Area: Albia
  • Game: Creatures 2
  • Slot: Ettin slot H

The Kimahri Norns are a Norn breed for Creatures 2. The breed was originally planned by Kari but she decided to cancel the project after changing the concept a few times. A few months later, Nimue and Amanora asked her for permission to finish the breed for her and Kari agreed. Amanora finished the sprites and a modified Canny Norn genome was created by Kathira.

Did you know? The average Kimahri Norn has 1316 neurons in its brain (most other breeds have about 1000).

You can download the Kimahri Norns at Amanora's Creatures.