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Kai Norn

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A green Kai male
  • Name: Kai Norn
  • Home Area: Albia
  • Game: Creatures 2
  • Slot: Geat slot K

Kai Norns are a very social breed, and love to be in the company of others. Baby Kais are very dependent on their mother's milk - Kai mothers are the only Norns to feed their babies milk - and fortunately a milk bottle COB is provided in case the mother is not around. The males feature a distinctive hairdo when fully grown.

The Kai Norns contain original sprites by Wafuru and a genome by Lis Morris. You can download them at Wafuru's Adventures in Nornsitting!

Baby Kai Norns don't produce bile acid, which helps norns digest fat, starch and protein. In childhood, Kai Norns gain the ability to produce bile acid.

When Kai Norns become mothers, they experience a rush of Oxytocin, which raises their Broodiness drive for approximately 20 minutes.

They are based on the 2.0 Akamai Canny Norns.

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