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Kae (formerly Kaelis Ra, also formerly Knux Econa) is a developer for the Creatures series in a number of categories, and is particularly known as a gengineer.


Kae was once a member of a relatively sane part of the Creatures Community, known as DSBreeders.

She left soon after the fall of Creatures Labs only to return again in 2004 to find the CC had lived on, due to the purchase of the Creatures franchise by Gameware Development.

She met nornagon at this point and they became friends. nornagon introduced Kae to daan, and the three of them got talking about an old project that Kae had been a part of: Nina's Mermaid Caves. They decided to start it again, from scratch. After a while Kae, nornagon and a Latin dictionary came up with a new name for the project, Aquatilis Caverna. They found others to help them in this work and through the project Kae met others. Two such people were Liam and Bloodluvingirl.

Sometime around this point the events that involved K9norn took place and, because of what was known as her "Witchhunt", Kae met and soon became friends with Vanya. Not too long after Kae's longtime friend Trix introduced her to Lena (now known as Natalie). The two became friends as well.

Much time had passed, the Aquatilis Caverna project had grown quite considerably and it was now only a single project in the midst of many being made by the development team known as Metacore. Kae was one of the two Co-Managers of Metacore. During this period, she met Edash, Moe and Aquashee. There were many talks between the three (Aquashee was at the time a part of Metacore). In fact, Kae made many friends as a result of Metacore.

Later, Metacore began experiencing some difficulties, as was the Creatures Community. Kae and nornagon began to phase themselves out, Kae more noticeably so, only returning to the developmental forums out of respect to her friends that were still in the thick of it.

At the time of Metacore's eventual downfall Kaelis was wracked with guilt over the pain that it had caused to its members. She could finally leave the Creatures Community now and did.

There were concerns by a number of members that the Creatures Community would be upset about the downfall of Metacore; As such Kae asked that all blame be passed onto her, since she knew that she would not return for a long time. Her wishes were denied though, which showed how incredible those friends were. It was at this point that Kae chose her current nickname, having been known as Knux Econa up until this point.

Recent CC Involvement[edit]

Hiding on the outskirts of the CC, Kae archived the Beowulf Norns on her webspace.

She is in the process of working on a possible version of Freetures, and helped to moderate The Creature Repository. She also created the genome for the Akatora Norns, and is the server admin for Eemfoo.org.