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k9norn (also known as K-9, drifter_bub, erica, grishdis and er_128) was a member of the Creatures Community from June 2002 to June 2004. He was particularly active on the Albia 2000, Gameware Forum, TreeSprite's Creatures Grove and Creatures Caves forums, and also had a website, Ambient Albia (archived) on which he hosted a couple of his own COBs.


On June 23, 2004, k9norn was accused of paedophilia against other, far younger members of the community and was reported to the police. Investigation of these claims - including examination of private message logs - was followed by a news post on Albia 2000 and his banning from that site. k9norn was also permanently banned from JRChat, which he had begun to frequent, and he stopped posting in other community forums.

It is known that k9norn used these aliases:

  • ICQ: 242620979
  • Yahoo!: hon_commstor
  • AIM: k9norn
  • Hotmail: funkysparklegrendel

Note: It is asserted by User: that k9norn is using the alias Moonshine and the address sticksandstones23@msn.com as of June 2004.

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