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Journey through Albia

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Journey through Albia is a vaporwave album by artist Strixxi, released May 15, 2019. The album's sound is mostly derived from existing music and sound effects from the Creatures series, Steve Grand talking, and audio effects like reverb that are typical of the vaporwave genre.

Strixxi says: Journey through Albia is my first vaporwave album, exploring the ambient virtual world of the Creatures game series. Creatures being the very first PC game I've ever played, it's music and visuals always hit me with nostalgia. In this album you'll follow a little Norn creature, from its hatching in the safe burrow laboratories to it's development, adventures through the mysterious world of Albia, and finally its weary return home and death.


No. Title Length
1. Hatching 2:06
2. Babysteps 3:49
3. Behind the bridge 2:09
4. Grendel territory 1:16
5. The wise Ettin 3:36
6. Desert journey 3:14
7. Submarine 5:18
8. Homecoming 4:09
9. Departure 4:20

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Listen and purchase on Bandcamp