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Jonathan Skuse

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Jonathan Skuse worked for Creatures Labs as Lead Designer and Agent Engineer on the Creatures Village series, the Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys and a number of other non A-Life Creature Labs titles. He is also credited as being responsible for many of the sound effects in the Creatures Village games (and some rather odd music in Sea-Monkeys).

After the demise of Creature Labs he went on to work on various freelance projects both within the games industry and in other areas. The most notable of these (for readers of this Wiki anyway) was his work with Gameware Development on several projects, including creating the eponymous characters, producing concept art, doing graphic design and providing game design input for Creebies.

Jonathan went on to join Jagex, the creators of RuneScape, to work on MMO projects before eventually deciding to move on in order to work on an independent game.