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Jewels was a member of the Creatures Community. She made the Halloween Norn breed, as well as converting the Pink Alba Norns and Multi Malay Norns from Creatures Adventures to Creatures 3.

Jewels also created the Mask Norns, which she dedicated to her sister Jennifer and her unborn baby, both killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver on 31 May 1999. This breed was followed by the Mask Ettins and Mask Grendels. Shortly after, Jewels began work on a new Norn breed for Creatures 3 that resembled blue-colored Primrose Norns, but they were never completed.

Unfortunately, after battling cancer for several years, Jewels suffered a stroke on 29 January 2001 and died a day afterwards. She was mourned by many in the community.

Most of Jewels' work was available at her website, Scientist of the Mask - her creations are now available on other community websites like Creatures Unlimited (direct link) and Juli's Norn Pad (archived).