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Jessica (Discover Albia)

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Jessica, sometimes known as DiscoverAlbia or Discover Albia, started playing Creatures 1 sometime in the late 90s. She lurked around the community a bit, but did not become an active member of the Creatures Community until 2010. She bears no relation to other community members, past or present, named Jessica. The CCSF 2011 was her first time participating in an event, and it featured some minor contributions from her. She went on to host the CCSF 2012 and helped out with the CCSF 2013.

Her biggest contribution is the Creatures blog Discover Albia, which began in April 2010. Since then, many of Jessica's experiences, lessons, and projects have been featured in various posts. The site was expanded in June 2016 to include the Discover Albia Forum.

Jessica has a purple Norndoll named Fizzbee, who occasionally pops up in her posts.


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