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jcarrcwalk (Andrew Carroll) is a member of the Creatures Community who was most active in the period mid-1998 to July 2000, although he still visits now and again - he was considering futher education overbroad, but has decided to study for a PhD in Biology at Stanford. He has written over 1200 posts to alt.games.creatures, and is a SysOp in JRChat. His sister, Anna Carroll, was also a CC fan author.

A member of the Creatures SETI@home team, and a champion of Equal Rights For Newbies, jcarrcwalk is also responsible for creating many genetic breeds, including the Mendel Norns and Circulatory Norns (Lymph Norns) for C2, and the Immune Norns for C3/DS (featured in Much Ado About Norns 2). A full list of his breeds is at his website, Close Encounters of the Creatures Kind, which also contains several COBs, stories and his C2 world, Dragon Nornior.