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Jacob is a longstanding "on and off" member of the community, often disheartening for prolonged periods of time, then suddenly reappearing again. Currently Jacob is awaiting for his college graduation before becoming proactive within the community again.

Jacob used to have many ideas for add-ons for the Creatures series of games, namely interested in modding Docking Station, however due to lack of experience in any of the areas required for modding, all projects never came into fruition. However, over the past couple of years Jacob has become adept at several programming languages (VB, Java, PHP, HTML, and a tiddly bit of Actionscript 5) and Blender, a 3D modeling tool, and hopes to finish off a Metaroom idea he had when he was younger.

In terms of the Creatures games, Jacob's personal favorite is Creatures 2, due to its lovely art and sound design, along with having what in his eyes, are the best Norns. (Frog Norns)


Loves: Computer Gaming, E-Sports, Animals, Trip-hop music, Caffeine, Rock/Metal, Pot Noodles and Peri peri.

Dislikes: Winter.

Time Wasters: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, DotA2, Team fortress two, "A song of ice and fire", RPGs and tinkering with electronics. Also telling people to turn off and on their computers when asked for help.