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Prolonged chatting can lead to sleeping disorders

JRChat was created by Lummox JR in 1998. It was intended to replace the community chat on ICE, which was not restricted to the Creatures Community. Above all, moderation was discussed, and this emphasis shaped the chat from its very beginnings. Like ICE chat, JRChat remained primarily a Java-based client intended to be hosted on websites, but added features such as multiple levels of operators, a waitlist (requiring users with certain IPs to be manually granted entry if there were any operators present) and the potential for multiple rooms.

The Creatures Wiki has a JRchat web client portal and status dashboard.

Several JRChat logs have been posted online, including previously at Creature Creations, Norns in the Mist, and Scorp's archive of Gameshow JRChat.


There are two major rooms in JRC:

  • Creatures: The default room, where most chat takes place.
  • Creatures RPG: Where people go (or are put) if they want to role-play norn actions.

A recurrent temporary room is the Clue Breeding Field, used by operators for shaming participants.

JRChat Operators[edit]

  • Indigo
  • Jcarrcwalk
  • Julianne
  • karma_gypsy
  • Kinnison
  • kool_pac
  • LadyNorn (Kat)
  • Leonard
  • Lis Morris
  • Lummox JR
  • Mandy
  • Martha Brummett
  • Miff
  • Mike Raiford
  • mumblebox
  • NORNGod
  • Ping
  • Random
  • Ron
  • Sarah
  • Sentinal
  • Sharon
  • Slink
  • SteerPike
  • Tammy
  • Wafuru
  • Known JRChat clients[edit]


    Both long-term and short-term statistics are kept by GreenReaper, who warns:

    These statistics are biased, as they only cover the time when I am present in chat, and should be taken with a pinch of salt. And some fava beans.

    Chat Trivia[edit]

    Greetings and other terminology[edit]

    • hi -- This one is obvious.
    • hiya -- Variation of hi that was probably first used by Sharon.
    • rehi/re -- "Hello again"; a greeting to a chat member who you have previously seen. Whether this is limited by a period of time - after which "hi" becomes appropriate - or a contiguous chat session is a matter of debate among regulars. Jcarrcwalk preferred relo.
    • wb -- Short for "welcome back"; this alternative to re tends to be used mostly by oldbies.
    • boo -- Used mainly by Emy; general greeting.
    • Canadia -- The place where Canadiaians live.


    Many games have been played by JRC regulars to stave away the long hours of idleness, including: