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Ivrogne Canny Norn

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The Ivrogne Canny Norn is a genetic breed by TheDrunkenNorn for Creatures 2. Based on the Akamai Canny Norns, they are meant to be good for wolfling runs, with improved survival and breeding.

Features include:

  • JayD's anti-wallbonking edits
  • Do not get punished for increases to hunger, boredom, NFP, sleepiness, or tiredness
  • Both sexes seek out mates at sexual maturity (by default, only males do)
  • Better breeders
  • Needs accumulate more slowly
  • Better at digestion and resting
  • Red color (deep red for males, light red for females)

It is available at Creatures Caves.

See also[edit]

  • Survivor Norn (another red-tinted wolfling run candidate, for Creatures 1)