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Iscah Ettin

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The Iscah Ettins are a genetic breed for Creatures 2 by Venithil which aims to improve intelligence and add family-related genes and toxin resistance.

They were released for the CCSF 2016.

Iscah Ettins are based on Improved Canny Ettins by Jessica of Discover Albia, improved through both limiting the inbreeding and removing the junk instincts in a way very similar to Kannova Venterra's version 2. Their lifespan has been prolonged to almost 2 hours 50 minutes.

To mimic and pay homage to Venithil's and Jessica's experiences in the games, these Ettins are resistant to glycotoxin (found in Deathcap Mushrooms the C1 Norns seem attracted to), initially metabolizing it into alcohol but later gaining the ability to properly digest it like food. It still affects their glycotoxin reserves so a diet of deathcap is not recommended. They benefit from the presence of and are friendly to Grendels, to pay homage to frequent friendships that arise in C2 between the ettin and the Bulbous Grendel.

Iscah Ettins' final quirk is that they prefer roots and fruits to food; they receive full benefits of food but don't gain an instinct rewarding them for eating it until childhood. Eating roots gives other benefits to them as well, helping them maintain health at later life stages. They're otherwise very similar in caretaking to other Canny breeds.

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