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Seasonal Wolfling Run Tools

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Spring Season Gate

The Seasonal Wolfling Run Tools is a pack of three gadget agents for C3/DS for wolfling runs by KittyTikara. They include the Season Gates, the Homesmell Emitting Gadgets and the Invisible Radios. They were released as part of CCSF 2018.

The four Season Gates are colour-coded according to their season. The green one is for spring, yellow for summer, red for fall, and blue for winter. They only let a signal pass through if it's their specific season. So if it's spring, the green one will let a signal pass through, but the other three won't. For example, connecting the season detector's input to a timer, and its' output to an egg collector, can be used with seasonally-dependent patch plants to ensure that eggs are always in an area with food in every season.

The Homesmell Emitting Gadgets are connectable gadgets that start emitting each species' home smell when a signal passes through them. It keeps emitting for five minutes before shutting off. They are intended to be used with the Season Gates to have a moving home smell, but there's bound to be other uses for them.

The Invisible Radios are invisible versions of Creatures 3's radio box gadget.

The Seasonal Wolfling Run Tools can be downloaded from Eemfoo.org.