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Instinctless creatures are those engineered to have no instincts.

Amaikokonut reports that C3/DS instinctless creatures struggle to use lift buttons or vendors and do not like to rest properly. They rely on stimuli and learned experiences to make sense of the world. Later experiments by Amaikokonut altered the stimuli of the genomes to make pushing norns reduce boredom, improving instinctless' norns breeding rates, and turned on the navigation instincts as Amaikokonut felt it was unfair. Amaikokonut noted that using the Empathic Vendor's "ear" function helped populations of instinctless but educated norns to survive, as they could express their hunger and have the appropriate food created nearby. Amaikokonut also discovered that grendel genomes do not contain a gene which reduces loneliness when they find another grendel, resulting in grendels that only become less lonely when they meet norns, rather than seeking solace in their own kind.

It is thought that the combination lobe edits invented for the CFE which result in an improved memory improve instinctless' creatures survival prospects.

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