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INST is a CAOS command that causes the following commands to be executed in a single tick. As such, it is commonly used at the beginning of an injection script to make sure the object injects instantaneously. It is also useful when checking the object's environment, as, for example, prey objects can disappear before the predator eats them.

If INST is not used, commands usually run at a rate of five commands per TICK.


Syntax: INST

Causes the following commands to be executed in a single tick. Should be used for commands that need to be completed without interruption, so a related script isn't processed before the object is defined (which usually causes the game to crash).

INST state is broken either with the SLOW command or the WAIT command.


Sets INST, does stuff that shouldn't be interrupted, then goes back to normal speed.

Dangerous stuff!!

See also[edit]

  • SLOW turns off INST.
  • WAIT makes the script wait, which automatically turns off INST.
  • LOCK is another way to make sure commands are completed before interruption.