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Die Insel der Gobbyraitpiraten

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Die Insel der Gobbyraitpiraten

Die Insel der Gobbyraitpiraten (roughly, The Island of the Copyright Pirates) tells the story of a ruthless group of norn pirates that scour the oceans of the World Wide Web looking for valuable stuff to pillage.

About the Gobbyraitpiraten[edit]

Mark of the Gobbyraitpiraten

The Gobbyraitpiraten are ruthless to a norn - they seek out vulnerable downloads on innocent Creatures websites and carry them away to their own, often leaving their pirate mark in its place.

They are led by the infamous Käpt'n Blaubart (Captain Blue-beard), who has not only an eyepatch and a parrot but also a hook - the very picture of piracy itself.

Fortunately, the Gobbyraitpiraten are as incompetent as they are villainous (despite a difficult entrance exam), and often get away with more than they bargain for - indeed, the one time they tried to steal Fluffy, mascot of Mummy's Creatures, they were left with nothing but scratches for their troubles!

The true motive of the Gobbyraitpiraten is explained in an interview with Käpt'n Blaubart himself. Some more information is available on their Gobbyrait page.

Known Victims of Piracy[edit]

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