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The Infirmary is a metaroom created by Lis Morris, with the purpose of being a health center for your creatures. It contains tools to perform a wide variety of functions essential to diagnosing and treating sick norns, including graphing chemicals and injecting them, as well as detecting and removing bacteria. The doors are invisible to creatures, so they can't wander in or out, and only one creatures is allowed to enter the room at a time, allowing it to be used as a quarantine area. By default, the room focuses on the creature in the room, but it can also be used to monitor and inject the selected creature, wherever it may be.


  1. Right-clicking the norn picture will bring up a list of chemicals
  2. Pressing the large gold button will begin chemical graphing. Each colored bar can be used to select a different chemical to monitor.
  3. The chemical graph will be drawn here. The colored buttons on the right will inject the creature with 25% of the corresponding selected chemical.
  4. Will monitor the room for bacteria. The button will sterilize the room if bacteria are detected.
  5. The diagnosis monitor will attempt to automatically diagnose the monitored creature. If 'room norn' is selected and the creature is not ill, it may erroneously conclude that the creature has a cold.
  6. Potion dispenser.

Note that the favourite place icon is slightly buggy in a docked world; it may overwrite an existing icon, but the signpost will still lead to the original room, so the door will need to be used to enter the room.

The Infirmary was one of the first third party metarooms and had completely original graphics. It is now available at AmberCreatures.