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Indigo (also known as Gooey or simply Goo) arrived in alt.games.creatures sometime in 1997. Though she never immersed herself in the fearsome jungle of programming, she quietly provided website and graphics help for various members of the community. She was a regular in JRchat and eventually an Op.

Indigo created the Rights for Norns Society in jest as a response to agc posters breading norns rather than breeding them (not to be confused with the ERFN which is quite unrelated). Shortly thereafter, the RfNS was assilimated into the NORN Collective with Indigo as its head.

Currently, Indigo cannot be found hiding around the internet except by Emy who gladly updates the curious on what the infamous Goo has been up to. Ideally, Indigo will launch a vanity website with nothing particularly important sometime before 2006.