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Incubator agent

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The C3 incubator agent.

The Incubator featured in Creatures 3 is the largest in the series. It is a huge, mechanical pod, and a panel nearby for selecting the type of Creature you wish to hatch. There is one problem with the Creatures 3 Incubator, however. If the player lacks any sprites or there are any other problems with a breed, the Incubator will autokill itself and it will be unrecoverable without using a CAOS command if an egg of the breed is placed inside.

Sometimes if a creature hits the incubator, a bug autokills it leaving the hand no artificial source of norn eggs. This bug rarely occurs and means that if some form of spreading disease kills all your norns you have no choice but to import some more. The easiest way to cure this bug is to export all your existing norns and re-make the world, or to install the Norn Egg Layer Backup agent.

See also[edit]

  • Muco, the DS norn egg layer.